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Handy Heroes is an American owned and operated home repair and building maintenance services provider comprised of skilled American Craftsmen and industry experts that focus on American Veterans and their families as its working business model.

With more than three generations of family knowledge and experience in the construction services industry that include custom home building, direct quarrying of stone in Northern Italy, a tile & stone sales and installation facility in North Texas, and having help lead two of the industries top tooling and equipment companies; we are simply specialists at meeting the needs of our clients, and take pride in delivering a superior service at an affordable cost, without use of illegal labor that has quickly become the industry’s standard.

Whether it’s an individual project requiring a simple helping hand; or a complete turn key home improvement project requiring a team of experts, Handy Heroes can can design a plan tailored to your specific needs, without the added stress of hiring multiple firms or an over priced big box company to get your projects completed. It’s the details that matter and we cover all the bases that others overlook or simply don’t care to address.  

With Handy Heroes you get skilled trades personnel based on your specific needs, a stress free experience, and a completed project for others to envy. Handy Heroes is not your typical handyman service but a multi solutions provider with a passion for building a better environment for Americans, one project at a time.-SK-

Handy Heroes takes pride in leading the way with highly skilled American trades personnel, and guarantees your satisfaction always! Handy Heroes are proven leaders in the home and building maintenance services industry, and take pride in every step of the process. Call today; estimates are free within the East Texas service area. Projects outside of East Texas are estimated on an individual bases and handled through the East Texas Services Division. For additional information, or to schedule an appointment, call 903-802-2051 or reach us by email at