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Handy Heroes has moved! On March 1st 2017 Handy Heroes completed its transition by moving its offices and primary operations into East Texas to better serve its primary client base.

Over the past three years Handy Heroes has seen a near 80% increase in workload inside the East Texas service area. Being that, we felt the need to better serve our primary client base by moving operations closer to them. Moving forward we will now be able to serve East Texas Communities better than ever, with the same reliable service that made us one of the most valued and trusted companies in North Texas. In addition to these changes, we are proud to announce that we have also expanded operations and services to include onsite Auto Diagnostics & Repair Services that include minor to mid level auto repair and maintenance. A full service Appliance Repair & Installation Services Division has also been added to help keep your home appliances in good working order.

Handy Heroes is now able to fully focus on the communities that have been seeking our services the most, and are confident that continued growth will allow us to bring back full services to the North Texas Service Area in the near future. North Texas Services are currently limited. We want to thank all of our North Texas customers for the support of Handy Heroes during our first chapter of operations, and look forward to serving all communities throughout America in the coming years.

Our goal is to help restore American industry, and bring back the concept of "Made In America" which obviously helps make America better as a whole. We also pray that the future American leadership will help us by creating policies that help us to acheive this objective. We not only do jobs politicians claim Americans don't want to do, but also perform jobs illegal aliens are unable to do!

Our business model will still remain focused on American Veterans and will also continue to offer discounted services to all that serve country and community. Afterall, they are the ones that make "FREEDOM" in America possible through the sacrifices they make for all of us, each and every day!

Handy Heroes honors and gives thanks to all who have honorably served our country, and pray for those currently serving our great Republic. We also pray for good health and prosperity to all who give a valid effort to better themselves and their country by striving to be the best at everything they decide to do. Let us all unite in effort to also help fellow Americans in need to achieve the same. Thank you for your continued support, and GOD Bless America!

Handy Heroes provides maintenance and onsite mechanical diagnostics & repair services for both home and auto. Handy Heroes is CPR for your home and auto which helps keep your family safe.

Save Money & The Environment, Through Restoration & Preservation!

Handy Heroes has been striving to make made in china crap better since the globalists and politicians killed American Industry. "MADE IN AMERICA" has been our creed since the begining. Serving country and community with American pride is our moto. And serving those who serve us all, is our promise!

-SK- Founder of Handy Heroes