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Handy Heroes has moved operations to East Texas! Effective immediately, Handy Heroes will temporarily limit normal business services in the North Texas service area to better serve our primary customer base. The relocation of Handy Heroes primary offices was effective starting on March 1st 2017. -SK- will actively serve as a key consultant and advisor to the Handy Heroes leadership throughout the transition, and still play an active role in leading the company into the future. -Big Al- 4-16-2018

For All That Serve Humanity: Handy Heroes offers discounted rates to all American Veterans, active military families, and first responders in all 50 states. A big THANK YOU to all of those who honorably serve our Republic! -Big Al- 3-4-2017

Operation Rogue Agent: Ted Wohlturd in Grand Rapids, MI. is not a part of Handy Heroes and doesn’t represent us in any way. “Call us Ted” NOTE: If you didn’t contact us through our East Texas offices, its not Handy Heroes!

Handy Heroes is currently seeking American Veterans that have been honorably discharged and seeking full or part time work. Pay based on experience. Handy Heroes is willing to train personnel various trades and skills, and invites both men and women to join the team. The founder of Handy Heroes wants to personally thank all who have served and is open to any and all ideas that help get Veterans back to work as they return home from active duty.

While Handy Heroes is fairly new as a company, it is not new to the construction services industry. With more than three generations of family knowledge and experience in the industry, you can rest assured that when you choose them for your next project, it will be done correctly, and to your complete satisfaction.

Handy Heroes was just a concept in 2001 and became a viable idea in 2009 as its founder -SK- had just been laid off from his job with a top player in the tooling and equipment industry shortly after the 2008 election. After drafting a business plan that originally included off duty Firemen and Police Officers, he realized that they already had jobs and our country would be best served by getting those without work, back to work. Seeking a stable work environment to support his family, he completed his business plan and made Handy Heroes a reality.

Handy Heroes was officially launched on September 11th 2012 and is now poised to become a top player in the construction services industry.

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