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Handy Heroes has moved operations to East Texas! Effective immediately, Handy Heroes will temporarily terminate normal business services in the North Texas service area to better serve our primary customer base in East Texas. The legal transition of the Handy Heroes business was effective starting on March 1st 2017. -SK- will serve as a key consultant and advisor to the Handy Heroes leadership throughout the transision, and play an active role in leading the franchise into the future. -Big A- 4-16-2018

"Where there is no law, there is no Liberty" -Benjamin Rush- Washington politicians have become lawless! Is it not time to put the country back in the hands of We The People? -Big A- 3-4-2017

For All That Serve Humanity: Handy Heroes offers discounted rates to all American Veterans, active military families, and first responders in all included service areas. A big THANK YOU to all of those who honorably serve the Republic! -Big A- 3-4-2017

Operation Rogue Agent: Ted Wohlturd in Grand Rapids, MI. is not a part of Handy Heroes and doesn’t represent us in any way. “Call us Ted”

The Time Has Come: The time has come to bring back sanity and the rule of law! It’s time to start holding “all” criminals accountable! This includes corrupt politicians, and individuals inside the structure of failed leadership within the justice department that have allowed such lawlessness which has put both the public, and law enforcement officers in jeopardy by practices of to serve and collect, rather than the just practice of to serve and protect! Which side of the law are you on??? -SK- 12-29-2016

Handy Heroes urges any and all Americans that seek the truth and the means to keep America remaining the beacon of hope around the world to start up, and or support alternative media. The mainstream media has sold out to the corrupt and destructive narrative of the lunatic left winged Democrat Party that have all but taken down America at the expense of those they claim to be helping. It has become obvious that being a Democrat is literally a mental disorder and all registered Democrats need to be disarmed for that reason. While they scream to take away 2nd Amendment rights away from law abiding Americans, they themselves are the problem and danger to both themselves and other fellow Americans. Please note that you are the reason America is great and no corrupt politician will be there for you in your time of need. Thank you and GOD Bless America! -SK-  4-16-2018

Stop Obstructing Trump! If the Democrats, the leftover Obama cronies, and the other Democrats pretending to be Republicans would stop obstructing Trump, America would already be great again! 4-16-2018 PS. Clean up the Justice Department  that has become the Department of NO Justice!

My Bird Gets It! I use the New York Times as a liner for my birds bird cage and noticed the name of a writter for the paper after my bird did his business on it. The smudged name near the secretion read the name Jim Rutenburg, an obvious hack writter talking about Fake News. It's not that Fake News doesn't exsist, the problem is that he mentioned sources that actually speak the truth and deliver news backed with facts and actual data. Not once did the hack job mention any of the outlets that live to deliver Fake News hourly each and every day! CNN and MSNBC are the absolute worse when it comes to news. Everything these media whores write are far from the truth and simply becomes their reality shortly after smoking a joint in the breakroom a few minutes before. The story only reminded me as to why I stoped taking delivery of the news paper, more than 20 years ago. It has obviously gotten far worse! It seems to have gone from twisted truth and half truths, to out right shameful lies! In my personnal opinion, these deceptive dirtbags are really just a bunch of mentally challenged drug addicts, that live in a fairytale of false facts and Fake News! These idiot types can easily be spotted nearly everywhere you turn. Look no further than the dumb ass in trance in front of a 3.5 inch screen spewing lies and a false reality that only an IQ of 20 or less can truly appreciate. These people are sick! Get them some help before they hurt someone or themselves! GOD Help Them! Take your discracebook, your twit-ers, and your social justice worthless pathetic pukes, and get the HELL out of America if you hate it so much!  -SK- 2-21-2017

Handy Heroes is currently seeking American Veterans that have been honorably discharged and seeking full or part time work. Pay based on experience. Handy Heroes is willing to train personnel various trades and skills, and invites both men and women to join the team. The founder of Handy Heroes wants to personally thank all who have served and is open to any and all ideas that help get Veterans back to work as they return home from active duty.

While Handy Heroes is fairly new as a company, it is not new to the construction services industry. With more than 3 generations of family knowledge and experience in the industry, you can rest assured that when you choose them for your next project, it will be done correctly, and to your complete satisfaction.

Handy Heroes was just a concept in 2001 and became a viable idea in 2009 as its founder -SK- had just been laid off from his job with a top player in the tooling and equipment industry shortly after the 2008 election. After drafting a business plan that originally included off duty Firemen and Police Officers, he realized that they already had jobs and our country would be best served by getting those without work, back to work. Seeking a stable work environment to support his family, he completed his business plan and made Handy Heroes a reality.

Handy Heroes was officially launched on September 11th 2012 and is now poised to become a top player in the construction services industry.