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Handy Heroes is a family owned and operated home repair and building maintenance services provider comprised of skilled American Craftsmen and industry experts that proudly focus on American Veterans and their families as its primary working business model.

With more than three generations of family knowledge and experience in the construction services industry, we are simply specialists at meeting the needs of our clients, and take pride in delivering a superior service at an affordable cost, without use of illegal or other unskilled workers that has quickly become the industry standard.

Whether its a small project requiring a helping hand, or a home renovation project requiring a team of experts. Handy Heroes can draft a plan tailored to your specific needs, without the added stress of hiring multiple firms to get projects completed. It’s all in the details and we address details other companies overlook, don't understand how to properly address, or simply don’t care enough to make the effort.

With Handy Heroes you get skilled American tradesmen based on your specific needs, a stress free experience, and a completed project for all your friends to envy. Handy Heroes is a complete home, office, and building maintenance services provider with a passion for building a better environment for American businesses and families, one project at a time.-SK-

Third party companies like a list of good contractors have a history of doing jobs twice for insuring their listed contractors that fail to deliver desirable results. That's perfectly OK if you don't mind the added costs the contractor charges for the advertisement and provided coverage, not to mention the added stress that goes with it! Note that a reputable company would address those type of issues anyway! Why risk unfavorable results, and added costs, when you could simply hire Handy Heroes with its history of doing it right the first time, every time! Again. Why hire a so called good contractor, when you could hire the best contractor having a history of doing it right the first time 100% of the time!?

Another gimmick service wants to advise you on your home improvement projects, but actually gets paid by contractors for your information! Third party services only add costs to your projects and are not always effective in their mission. Save both time and money while avoiding the conflict of interest by calling Handy Heroes first! Written estimates are provided free inside the East Texas service area so you can then compare our written guarantee and estimate, with their see what others claimed to have paid un-written estimate statement! In other words, take the no nonsense approach with us!

NOTE: Handy Heroes has been on Angie's List since its founding in 2012 and has an A rating on every project we have ever done! Note that Angie's List is a free service to both contractors & homeowners, and contractors don't have to pay to advertise with them if they choose not to do so as we do! Contractors are indeed harder to find on Angie's List if they don't pay for their advertisement services, but members can always find a businesses reviews through their site directory should they seek to do so. Members are allowed to both read and post reviews regarding a business in question without adding any additional costs to another members project, unless they select a company using the sites advertising services that pop up while trying to seek a reputable company inside a certain local service area. Word of mouth referrals from our customers and this website bring us 99% of our business! We proudly stand alone to be the best business in our field period!

Handy Heroes is leading the way with highly skilled American Craftsmen and guarantees quality workmanship and your satisfaction always! Handy Heroes are the proven leaders in the home improvement & building maintenance services industry and take pride throughout the entire process. Call us today. Our pricing is always up front, and written estimates are provided free of charge inside our East Texas Cedar Creek Lake Service Area. Projects outside the US or beyond the local service area are handled through our East Texas offices and estimated on an individual as needed basis. For additional information or to schedule an appointment, call our offices at (903) 802-2051, or reach us via email at info@handyheroes.net  Handy Heroes "Solutions For Hire"®